ON FIRE! 🔥 5 NBA Players That Are TAKING OVER

20. Sij 2021.
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The Sabonis video: hrex.info/too/nWhjgoqRnqiYoMg/video.html
Would you believe me if I had told you before the season started that Jerami Grant, a role player with a career 9.5 points per game would be among the 20 best scorers with a whopping 25 points per game?
He definitely took his game to a whole new level, and in this video we’ll check out a few other guys who did the same thing and who you probably should follow.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Because he has such a long stride, when Grant decides to get to the basket, his first 2 steps create space for him and he’s been able to get to the rim consistently this year.
Combine that with a few refinements in terms of his finishing inside, and you have a lot of drives to the basket that are similar to what we know from Jaylen Brown.
And since Jeremy has always been an extremely high energy and effort guy, you can constantly see him running around and jumping for rebounds so that’s how a lot of his points come and I love that.
And he doubled his 3 point shooting from last year, while keeping the same very good 39% from downtown so that’s always a good thing.
The only bad thing going for him is the team’s success for sure. At 3-10 the Pistons are dead last in the league, so I won’t hold it against you if you say you’re not gonna watch a single Detroit game this year.
Moving on, I know that he’s missed the last few games but Colin Sexton started the season extremely well. 25 points on 53% from the field. These are some great numbers. And let’s not forget that he will play lockdown defense on opposing guards and will flat out compete hard every night.
Sexton was one of the main reasons why the Cavs are having an unexpectedly good start of this season and as of the moment of making this video they are 6-7 and seventh in the east.
Colin is both quick enough to blow by defenders and strong enough to finish through contact so he’s never afraid to go to the rim and does that often.
However his hot start from beyond the arc at an incredible 51% might not be sustainable but definitely is a sign of improvement from the 38% he had last year. So hopefully he’s able to bounce back after the slight ankle injury.
Christian Wood is another guy with a monster leap from last season to this one.
Dude went from 13 and 6 to almost 24 and 11 which is crazy.
The Rockets believed in him and signed him in free agency and so far that’s been paying big time.
First of all Christian is great at rolling to the basket and finishing. But let’s put that aside. Check out these clips and tell me does he not remind you of Anthony Davis? The ball handling, the drives, the athleticism. Just look at this. Wow! The styles are pretty similar. Ok of course Wood is a poor man’s version of the brow, but still, I like the way that he plays.
But if he wants to get even close to that level, Christian will need to improve on his inside shot.
While he’s descent from downtown at 36.5% and phenomenal from the restricted area at a stunning 79% What?! But at the same time I would like to see these 2 areas be better as they are the bread and butter for Anthony Davis and that’s what makes him deadly. But at the end of the day, I also wanna appreciate Wood for what he is and he’s been awesome this year.

Look, I know all of you guys know who Nikola Jokic is, but I’ve kinda been waiting for him to really be more assertive and aggressive in order to take Denver to the next level.
And this season that seems to be the case.
Look at this jump that he’s having so far. 25 points, 11 and a half rebounds and 10 assists, the big serbian is currently averaging a triple double. Amazing!
The biggest difference for him as you can see is in his mid and long range shot.
Nikola is absolutely on another level when it comes to shooting the ball this season.
I know that the sample size is smaller and the numbers might go down a little, but nonetheless, this looks impressive and I can see the upwards trajectory.
Thing is- it seems like the Nuggets are gonna need all of that and more, since at the moment they are sitting at only 7-7 currently 9th in the west.
And number 5, I’m gonna cheat a little bit here and just send you to go watch my video I did a month ago about Domantas Sabonis where I explain everything. But really everything that he’s been doing this season is just an extension and a natural progression of his style of play.
I talked about how he’s been increasing his numbers year after year and I expect that trend to continue. And of course so far- that is the case.
Again check out the video, I’ll link it in the description below.
I don’t even have to say it- I know you’ll let me know in the comments who I missed and who should be on this list.That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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