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Early action here, the Pelicans run a double screen for Bledsoe to curl. But the trick is that as soon as Zion sets that pick, Reddick will set one on his defender, and just like that Williamson is under the basket with the much smaller Bradley on him. Nice lob pass, and easy finish. Great execution. Here it is for you at full speed.
There were quite a few interesting plays on Christmas day, so let’s check out some of them. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
The Heat’s first play of the game was an even better design. It looks as a setup for Robinson to come out here, but he quickly cuts to the basket and this transforms into a decoy for a backscreen for Adebayo and the lob. So as the switch is made to cover that, we see Duncan sprinting to the top and getting a wide open 3 point look and a sniper like him is not gonna miss this. So many levels to this play design. Shoutout to one of my favorite coaches in the league, Eric Spoelstra.
But an effective play doesn’t always have to be complex. Check out this out of bounds alignment. And while there’s all kinds of possibilities for screens and curls, Oubre sets a quick screen and a little nudge for Damion Lee’s defender, while Lee just backpedals to the three for an open shot. So simple yet so effective.
Jayson Tatum was also sneaky like that. Gives the ball up and goes to set a screen for his shooter. But as you can see, he notices all of this empty space. So he just slips that, and has the open lane. Great pass by Williams here, and the uncontested dunk and easy 2 points for the Boston Celtics.
James Johnson from the Mavs brought some flashiness to a nice play design. He’ll get the switch on the screen, but instead of Jonhson jacking it up, he’ll immediately screen for Hardaway Jr. and pass it between his legs just for some style points. Hardaway is wide open, and he knocks it down.
I wanna go back to the Heat for a play that they ran on 3 consecutive possessions back to back to back and the Pelicans couldn’t find an answer for it.
Dragic gets a double screen on the wing, so at this moment, we have him on the mismatch with the slower big man, we have an open shooter that Josh Hart just noticed, and will try to recover, and we have Adebayo rolling to the rim. I’m gonna be honest, not a good defense played here as well but Goran doesn’t care about that and will make a beautiful lob pass and Bam does the rest for the alley oop finish.
So the Heat will check to see if New Orleans learned their lesson.
The same exact play, another double screen, only this time it’s going to be a kick out to the corner and Iguodala in this situation splashes the three.
And finally, you see it, same positioning, Dragic curls yet again, and another miscommunication on the switch, so he has all the time in the world, and stays patient penetrating, a great fake pass and lays it in completely uncontested. Stan Van Gundy will have a lot to talk about during the Pelicans film session.
So there you have it some great play calls for Christmas. And yeah I’m back in my home arena where it all started. Why? Well I’m in isolation unfortunately because of you know what. I’m good tho, so hopefully it ends well soon. Support the grind by liking this video and subscribe if you haven’t. Talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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