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In a close game against the Hawks with the shot clock running down, Julius Randle is gonna pull off an amazing shot against 2 defenders almost behind the backboard and falling out of bounds. This one one capped off his amazing performance of 44/9/5, as he secured the win for the Knicks. To me however, equally as impressive was this one handed laser pass from 1 corner to the other for the RJ Barret 3, again in the clutch.
Randle has taken his game to a new level this year, so let me break down his game for you, and show you exactly how he changed the narrative from being hated, to Knicks fans hyping him to be an All Star and the most radical ones even claiming that they have a new king in New York. Which they need to chill with that but still.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
What I love about Julius is his attack mode. Notice how he goes straight downhill immediately after catching the ball. This is the same technique that Jimmy Butler uses and is so effective with it. No wasting time or dribbles. No left to right, just straight to the rim.
Even with big guys in front like Rudy Gobert right here, or Embiid in this clip-he’s not backing down.
But then check out the ball handling, the footwork, and the quickness for such a big and strong guy like him.
This is almost point guard level type of fluidity on the behind the back and the drive.
Once again against Gobert. Drives, Rudy is there to cut him off, but Julius hits him with a fluent spin and the layup on the left side. Beautiful.
And how many other big men can you name me who do this, but do it at this speed. Coast to coast all the way with the tight dribble and the strong finish. There aren’t a lot on that list I guarantee you that.
Let me give you some numbers for context. Randle is averaging a double double at the moment with career highs in all categories. 23 points, 11 rebounds and the most interesting to me 5 and a half assists.
If you thought however that Randle is getting all of those 23 a night banging under the basket, let me show you just how versatile he is.
Look at the shooting chart and check out the range. Dude is shooting 47% from midrange.
He punishes defenders on the pick and pop with it, but what’s impressive is this fluidity off the dribble. Look at this. And he also has the stepback jumper in his arsenal, which is nearly impossible to block.
The biggest jump however this year has been in Randle’s 3 point percentage.
A 31.5% shooter from downtown for his career, Julius is firing at a 40.5% this season which is a remarkable improvement. Now the defense has to come out even further out to contest him, which of course opens up opportunities for him to blow by with his quick drives.
And when the defense has been there to stop him, he’s been more than a willing passer, finding his teammates and setting them up for the shot.
And it seems like this unselfish type of play has had an impact this year on the team chemistry for the Knicks. They seem like a group that care for one another and play to win as a team.
That’s where you start to see the extra effort, and the hustle plays like these, that everyone including Randle have demonstrated throughout the season.
And that’s how they continue to stay afloat in the playoff race, currently still seeded 6th.
If last year Knicks fans were furious with this signing, alongside a bunch of other big men, now, through extreme hard work, dedication and effort, Julius Randle managed to completely flip the script and he has the entire city of New York cheering for him and this overachieving Knicks team. And thus putting his name in the conversation for the All Star Game. Phenomenal turn of events. Let me know what you think about the Knicks so far and of course the play of Julius Randle. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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    • Second reply

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    • I am looking forward to your second Channel.

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  • Great content, thank u bro

    Bách VũBách VũPrije 3 dana
  • If they finish top 3 in the east he can definitely get a few mvp votes

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  • The Zach Randolph of new era

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  • Randle is better than AD and nobody wants to accept that

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  • Randle will easily be a superstar, like top 5 in the league one day. Dudes a beast

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  • he's looking like prime melo.

    Darylle Van BellosilloDarylle Van BellosilloPrije 7 dana
  • Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

    Hairless CheHairless ChePrije 8 dana
  • Would be the third of the former youngsters from Lakers era to be an all star. D'lo Russell, Brandon Ingram then Jules.

    Pinoy Techdad v2Pinoy Techdad v2Prije 8 dana
  • Left handed Karl Malone

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  • Reminds me of Zach Randolph

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  • Julius lookin like the new #bernardking

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  • Its time to trade Randle, he's doing good now I think its time.

    Drinkk BleachDrinkk BleachPrije 9 dana
  • I actually ran into Julius Randle while on vacation in NYC eating at a Texas Roadhouse. SUPER nice guy and real humble too, looking forward to seeing him ball out this season.

    JJHizzleJJHizzlePrije 9 dana
  • Zack Randolph

    Juan Carlos OsorioJuan Carlos OsorioPrije 9 dana
  • As a Laker fan i was disappointed our number 7 pick was traded to rebuild. After his gruesome leg injury, i hoped he would come back stronger and he has shown it. Wish the best nba career for Randle.

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  • We have spincycle siakam

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  • Lakers woulda been good great for so long if they kept him. Sold out for Illuminati lebron who eats humans at sacrificial dinners.

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  • Gobert is so trash bruh DPOY MY ASS even I can score over him

    LUCIFER 666LUCIFER 666Prije 9 dana
    • @Flamingo_000 0 he just trash cuz in the paint he gets dominated by Joel jokic KAT and all the stretch bigs and his perimeter defense is non-existant

      LUCIFER 666LUCIFER 666Prije 9 dana
    • Gobert is a pillar at the paint but big man who are able to dance around can get by him

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  • It's about time he gets his due..

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  • so underrated

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  • he IS an all star

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  • Hope he keeps improving.

    gd131gd131Prije 9 dana
  • Must be contract year or something

    Positive MasculinityPositive MasculinityPrije 9 dana
    • Nah he has one more year. Whiteside is an example of a contract year

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  • Hi can u do a vid about jerami grant??

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  • And i love how underrated tom thibodeau offense is. Yes it's not his Specialty but i always follow him and there's alway changes in his offense that he use through his defensive perspective.. the spread 5 out offense of his looks like there's no strong side... and just attack that position to create a strong side because of tag and drop defense of enemies.

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  • Randle and clarkson playing well this season niceeee

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  • Glad the knicks are already becoming relevant again.

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  • Imagine, having randle, Russell and ingram lakers uniform. These former lakers became stars after LA. Just wondering how would their careers pan out have the lakes signed randle and havent traded russell and ingram. The lakers had been good drafting stars except 2017.

    Don TirsoDon TirsoPrije 10 dana
    • I dont like zo that much. He tries to be flashy but fails.

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    • I dont think they can have russell and kuz

      Don TirsoDon TirsoPrije 9 dana
    • I believe Zo will be able to compliment Russell because Zo can play defense and shoot the three ball while passing in transition. Russell should have a similar role like what he had with Nets

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 0Prije 9 dana
    • Zo, Russell, Ingram, Randle, allstar center Clarkson, Hart, Kuz, Nance, Zubac/Thomas Bryant I think they would need a star defense center if they were able to draft one like Embiids caliber. Maybe Ayton if they were able to draft him.

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 0Prije 9 dana
  • Dude had huge potential when he came into the league. Got injured, was injured even before, come to a struggling Lakers team while having to learn as well. Happy as a Lakers fan for him. Well deserved and hope he'll have a stellar career.

    Alex BorsAlex BorsPrije 10 dana
  • Good on him...nice story

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  • i feel like he's gonna be like blake griffin. 1 good season and then going down hill

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  • always liked him on the lakers even when we played like ass lol!!

    Leo MoralesLeo MoralesPrije 10 dana
  • He kinda remind me of lebron, i know it sound sick, i mean see it carefully... Even tho he didn't reach that level yet but you can see some similarity in it... What we need to look out from now is weither he can makes Knicks team become relevant again or not. Either way, keep up the hard work 💪

    meiji ikhlasulmeiji ikhlasulPrije 10 dana
  • Am K the only one who remember him being a bet blade meme

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  • As a laker fan this guy is a absolute beast under rated! He’s another Zion but with a shot !

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  • Finally some recognition for Randle.

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  • Y’all fr sleeping on amir Coffey , my mans hit 4 threes off the bench , wish they gave him more time

  • I loved him from time he was in LA and he is so underrated..

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  • So his workouts with Jlaw paid out lol

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  • Can Julius play the 3?

    romeo whiteromeo whitePrije 10 dana
    • No hes a PF that can breakdown the opposing paint defenders

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 0Prije 9 dana
  • Coach Thibs is a big man coach. Remember, all the big man that coach Thibs handled have played their best season in their career like Boozer, KAT, Randle, Noah, Robinson, and others.

    Diether BacosaDiether BacosaPrije 10 dana
  • This hair 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Lakers drafting talented players lately except Lonzo

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  • Julius Randle is a flat out star player.

    EJOneEJOnePrije 10 dana
  • Funny seeing that all of those guys who were in that young 2015-2018 lakers roster are now doing better Randle is dominating in NYC, Kuz is a solid contributor for the Lakers, Ingram and Lonzo are still improving in NO, Clarkson is balling out of his mind in UTA, DRuss leads Minnesota

    Felipe LisboaFelipe LisboaPrije 10 dana
  • Randle playing great but please his spin move is beyond bad his literally nickname is spinmove turn over shit was mad annoyin when he did

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  • Bruh nobody missing out this year, every single team has a nice show

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  • Former laker younglings playing well!!! Him and JC are scorching 🔥

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  • Julius Randle be like: "Stephen A, you were all wrong about me and here's why"

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  • My favorite big man specially when his a Laker. Happy to see his improvements.

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  • Brate, kako si tako dobro naučio engleski? Moja žena je profesor engleskog i mislila je da si iz Australije kad te je čula. 👍 Inače, razbijaš sa analizama. Najbolji si!

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  • I hate to say this, im a fan of ben simmons but i think as of now julius is better than him

    Drei AbellarDrei AbellarPrije 11 dana
    • They're two different type of players. Lmao

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  • He is changing the narrative for my fantasy team

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  • He always killed the Mavs.

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  • The frequent uploads do not go unnoticed! Highlight of my day was seeing the new video notification after a long night at work

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  • I saw this potential when he was with the Lakers but in every move up to this season, i don't think he was be used right.

    CmanVloggaCmanVloggaPrije 11 dana
    • He had one of his best seasons when Lopez was at center and Randle could do whatever he wanted with the spaced floor

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 0Prije 9 dana
  • call me crazy but if you watched randle's games he can sometimes shows glimpse of lebron, similar body with locomotive drive and some nice pass

    Razzmatazz hops skiddly dooRazzmatazz hops skiddly dooPrije 11 dana
  • If you're an avid nba fan, you should know that Julius Randle has a good footwork but damn I never though his handles would be that good

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  • Is this a contract year for him? Could be an explanation 🙈

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  • Fanbase tried to get Julius Randle traded before the season. New York Knicks new administration with Leon Rose said, "Heck no." Don't listen to your fanbase when conducting business.

    DeAndre PageDeAndre PagePrije 11 dana
    • @Flamingo_000 0 Coach Walton screwed Julius Randle over by making him start the season as a 2nd Unit player. 😑😑😑 I knew Randle wasn't coming back after Coach Walton did that.

      DeAndre PageDeAndre PagePrije 8 dana
    • I remember Nance and Randle arguments in lakers day. I still think Nance would be better as a bench spark and occasional small ball Center with Randle.

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 0Prije 9 dana
  • yea +toppin quickley barrett coach tim knicks has a good rebuilding ryt now and add d rose

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  • Julius young big can shoot and dribble. Its ok that they missed out on zion

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  • A lottery pick power forward that has been hated at first and then loved by the knicks fans, almost treated him like a god Hmmmmm, I feel like i have seen this before 🤔

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