STEPH CURRY Is An Alien...

12. Vel 2021.
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Juan Toscano Anderson finds Steph Curry and starts this ridiculous celebration way before the shot is even up. This is hilarious.
Steph has been on such a tear this season that his teammates already know it’s going in.
Against the Magic, Steph Curry made an absurd 10 three pointers and that doesn’t even count this floater from way out, and this absolutely insane underhanded flip that doesn’t even touch the rim. He is an alien.
So let me go deeper into the numbers and give you a better perspective of just how good he’s been. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
First of all, you’ve probably heard me saying this. Steph Curry is absolutely the greatest shooter in NBA history and it’s not even a question.
But let’s focus on this season. Curry leads the NBA in three pointers made per game.
So far he’s made 130 threes. And nobody else has cracked 100 yet. The closest to him is Damian Lillard with 95. This gap is the same as the gap between Lillard and Lonzo Ball, who is 30th on this list which is crazy.
And all that starts to sound even more insane when we consider these 3 things:
Number 1. With Klay gone Curry has all the attention on him so he often has to make shots over 2 defenders like this one. Number 2- Steph is shooting 43 and a half percent which on that many attempts is impressive in itself but then number 3: Check out how ridiculous these shots are. How can you have such a high 3 point percentage, while chucking up mind blowing shots like these, and on top of that, doing it over multiple defenders with all the attention on you?
Comparing Curry to Lillard (95) we see that he has more threes per game, a way better percentage and in my opinion Damian benefits from having a better supporting cast.
The difference is even more pronounced with Buddy Hield (94) who’s third on the list. You can see an even bigger difference in makes per game, percentage, and Buddy is not even the primary focus of the defense.
So all that to say that Steph Curry has an unbelievable balance of good numbers, while shooting the toughest shots, and always being tightly guarded. Absolutely insane.
And about the 10 threes that he made against Orlando here is another statistic that further speaks to Curry’s greatness:
Throughout the history of the NBA, there have been only 59 times where a player made double digit threes.
Steph himself is responsible for over a quarter. 17 out of those 59 performances in NBA history are his.
There aren’t too many accomplishments and records left for Curry to break when it comes to three pointers, I guess the only thing for him as a number 2 on the all time list, is to catch Ray Allen and to officially cement himself as the best shooter of all times.
And for that we’ll have to wait until early next season since that's when he will most likely do it if he sustains this pace.
I’m just kinda bummed out that his team record is holding him back from being mentioned in the MVP conversation since this type of shooting and phenomenal 30 points per game that he’s scoring are definitely worthy of being mentioned.
That’s it for this video but ya boi made a second channel so go ahead and subscribe. It’s gonna be fun NBA videos and compilations, so for those of you that crave extra content subscribe to Grind Season, linked below. Talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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  • But according to the Media,its Dame who changed the game with long distance three pt shots.... Those clowns 🤡 still salty for some reason.

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    Anthony BeyAnthony BeyPrije 14 dana
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