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The free throw line is a place where a lot of weird things can happen. So in this fun video, let’s go through the craziest things that NBA players have done while shooting foul shots.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Shaq actually has a few more of these moments. Check out the one of a kind free throw line alley oop which of course is not allowed, but it’s the all star game, so Shaq was being Shaq and wanted to have fun.
Then at another all star game, he pulled off this majestic 1 handed shooting form, but unfortunately was unable to make it.
Steven Adams however was able to make it, and it was with his left hand. The NBA rule is if an injured player exits the game and cannot shoot the foul shots, he cannot get back in the game later. So before getting treatment in the locker room, Adams made sure he was eligible for a comeback. And he swished it. Beautiful form I gotta say.
A similar thing happened to Tracy Mcgrady as well. In 2007 he got his right shoulder injured on this play, and had to shoot free throws with his left hand. I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising, knowing how prolific of a scorer T-Mac was- that he swished this shot literally like he’s a lefty, and all that while being in pain.
Ok so we covered 1 handed shooting, but how about 1 eye?
In 2012 Greg Monroe got fouled going to the basket and on that play, his contact lens got moved a little. So he had to shoot the first one with his right eye closed. And as you can see he made it.
And while on this topic, you know what comes next of course. The GOAT himself, MJ telling Dikembe Mutombo: “Mutombo this one’s for you baby” and the rest is history as he swishes one of the most famous free throws in NBA history.
What you may not know is that he’s done that a few times actually. Here’s Michael signaling to Patrick Ewing that he will close his eyes on the next one.
And once again, MJ delivered and made it.
Now let’s switch it up a bit and go from the best free throws to the worst ones.
I know that airballs from the line are not that rare, but this one from Tony Parker is quite possibly the most epic one that I’ve ever seen. Like, look at how little the ball travels, it’s almost like a toddler shot. It looks hilarious.
I guess the only thing worse than this is not being able to shoot the ball. Which yeah, that has happened as well.
The younger fans may not know Chuck Hayes, who’s famous for 1 thing and 1 thing only. His free throw shooting. Dude is out here struggling to even get it up. Look at this! Pump faking with nobody around to pump fake. This happens in 2k when you press and hold the button for too long. Listen, I am a certified bad shooter, I’ll be the first to admit it, but maaan an NBA player being paid millions of dollars to literally do 1 thing and that is shoot the ball. And for him to look like this on a completely uncontested shot is unfathomable to me.
And speaking of pump fakes at the line, Rajon Rondo did it once for what I could only imagine was just to troll a defender. He is known to do stuff like that just to mess around with people, and judging by his look right here, it has to be that.
Here is one from Nick Young as well, but it looks like Swaggy P messed up his rhythm right here more than anything else.
Markelle Fultz is one of the most recent members of this club, and you all probably remember the whole controversy during his time with the sixers.
And check out a quick compilation of the slowest free throw shooting release without a doubt. Watch how chill Jermaine O’Neal is as he pauses do a quick meditation while shooting his foul shot. Just imagine a situation where he’s taking clutch free throws, where everything kind of seems to move in slow motion. Well this would last for like a whole eternity. That’s crazy.
Let me tell you what’s even crazier however. A guy named Chinanu Onuaku. And hit the like button real quick for me saying the name perfectly. Anyway Onuaku is 100% from the line for his career, while shooting underhanded like this. You can see all of his 4 shots that he made while appearing in 5 games in 2017 that cemented him as the undisputed greatest free throw shooter of all times.
This is something that he’ll always have over Steph Curry. 100% on underhanded free throws for his entire career.
Moving on, check out what happens here. Lebron goes to the rim, gets fouled and scores. Giving him 1 additional free throw. But as he misses it, look at all the other players from both teams, kind of falling asleep and looking around. Lebron uses this moment and scores 2 of his easiest points in his career.
I can understand if 1 player loses focus but an entire team, that’s insane.
Speaking of 1 player however, here is Giannis doing exactly that.
I love how he’s looking around trying to find the referee to pass him the ball. Zeller uses this and takes it from him like taking the ball from a little kid.


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