Nobody Is Telling You THIS: WHY The Nets Are SCARY

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We all saw Kyrie swerving on Golden State with the spin.. The cross, and the beautiful layup. Classic.
Even more impressively we saw KD being back to his old self with his legendary 1-2 pull up unguardable.
Playing at this high of a level and hitting shots like this one, KD and Kyrie make Brooklyn a scary contender. But a team is more than just 2 players.
So let me show you what nobody is talking about. And why the Nets are legit.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
First of all I loved the ball movement and player movement from Brooklyn.
Right here, we got a 2 man game between Dinwidie and Allen, with the pick, then the handoff, nice roll to the rim, the defense has to rotate, leaving the most dangerous shooter on the floor wide open. Irving and Durant don’t even need to touch the ball on this possession. As Harris knocks down the three.
But they were moving great as well. Check out the activity right here, as Kyrie tries to shake Oubre off of him. Manages to do so, and the big man is left on an island here. Leaves more than enough room for the shot and of course goes in.
As for Kevin Durant, after scoring a few early buckets from this right wing, he was kinda feeling himself, so on this possession as you can see he starts on the left side, but cuts across the court, gets the Harris screen and fires away this Heat Check.
Hey speaking of Harris, here is an X factor that may be crucial for them. Coaches have been encouraging him to take more shots. He’s a career 42.5% from downtown, like real sniper on the court. So it’s great to see him pulling up without hesitation in transition and even like this. Make or miss, the Nets want him to shoot more. He’s gonna hit more than enough and also the aggressiveness forces the defense to play him tighter which opens up opportunities like this one. Beautiful cut, great delivery by KD and nice reverse finish.
Then we have Dinwidie. A 20 point per game scorer last year. The team may not be too good if he’s your first option, but as a number 3 or 4 that’s some serious firepower.
Right here, look at how everyone is focused on Kyrie. Deandre recognizes that and simply screens for Spencer. And just like that he’s wide open. Easy basket.
And I haven’t even mentioned Caris Levert. He can be a legit third scoring option on a championship level team.
Dude can penetrate a defense like few others. Nothing flashy, just getting to whenever he needs to go, at his own will. Look at this steady pace and the patience here, as he holds the defender on his back, creates a 2 on 1, the patience and eventually finds the big man for the finish.
Look, if the main 1-2 punch keeps their cool, and buy into the team and don’t create drama with their egos, the sky's the limit for this team. They are that complete and covered on every position. Strong big men, 3 point snipers- both Harris and Shamet.
Players who can create their own shot in Dinwidie and Levert. Maaan...
I know it’s only 1 game, but I'm getting some extremely good vibes. Something similar to how I rooted for OKC in 2016 and thought that they could win it, don’t ask me why, and how, after only 1 game...But I think that this is gonna be my team to watch this year.
Welcome to the new season! This is just day 1, and a lot of excitement is ahead of us. I’m super hyped. Talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

  • This ain't age well 🏀

    narutorunner playznarutorunner playzPrije 16 dana
  • I’m sorry. Your “analysis “ is very surface level. This entire video can be summed up as Kyrie and KD draw a lot of attention which allows others to operate.

    Brendan DillardBrendan DillardPrije 18 dana
  • Everyone knew the net gonna be good... surprised James doesn’t dibble much not that he is s good passer James has always been a good and willing passer just the DIBBLE KING seems to be gonna. Fast offensive and gelling rather quick. Ex teammates what did you expect kinda reminds me of a boston big 3.... instant chemistry. Will be excited to watch them play the lakers

    cuzmariosaidsocuzmariosaidsoPrije 22 dana
  • Can you remake it now that harden is on the team

    Franck BelibiFranck BelibiPrije mjesec
  • This did not age well for the Nets. All these rising solid players to compliment their 2 stars: Allen, LaVert, Harris. Now they give away LaVert and Allen to bring in Harden, which throws Harris out of the starting lineup and limits his rhythm and impact on the game as well

    mrawesomexyzmrawesomexyzPrije mjesec
  • And then entered James Harden...

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  • 3-4

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  • First round exit.

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  • They do not play DEFENSE. They are coached by an offensive minded ex player and his assistant is D'Antoni

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  • I need to start a sport HRex channel. Nets ain't winning anything with those 2. I will explain why.

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  • 0:46 Joe is sharpshooter for sure but 100% he was not the most "dangerous" shooter on that floor

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  • just regular season..but for me irving with his iso game will get them out of their future playoffs road and at the end the most important his the team alchemy, do you really think that dinwiddie will accept a season under 10 point...

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  • Brooklyn nets is only strong during regular season but weakest duing playoffs, who else here wanna bet?

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  • Nobody is telling you why, the lakers are dangerous

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  • i think it still depends on how well a team defends. and warriors are basically bad..

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  • the guy who made Cavaliers champions and the guy who brought another two championships to Warriors, the two best clutch player in the league right now is both on the same team, this team will win championships back to back to back until the two of them are together. 7/11 is now the deadliest duo in the NBA.

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  • The only thing stopping this team is the Lakers and injuries. K. Irving seems like he's never healthy. Same for K. Durant. There's no question they are a legit title contender but with lingering injury problems it'll be a challenge especially in a long regular season.

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  • Kyrie’s mentality is a lot like DRose’s is: One day you are adored, the next day you are hated. Be yourself and let the chips fall wherever they earned your respect a long time before this moment.

    Matthew HohenberyMatthew HohenberyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Kyrie will be recognized as the best pg in the league from here on out. He’s about to change what y’all want a pg to be 😂 let’s go Unc Drew!!

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