There's NO WAY Donovan Mitchell Can Do THIS

29. Sij 2021.
128 093 Pregleda

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Coming off the double screen, Mitchell looks for the cutting Gobert. The defense makes the right rotation, but then check out this laser that Donovan fires in traffic to find the open O’Neale for the three.
If you thought that was impressive, let me show you what could possibly be the assist of the season. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Ok watch this: Mitchell drives, jumps to avoid the charge, and while in the air notices that Zion is rotating to the corner so the pass will get intercepted. So Spida whips an insane pass all the way back to Bogdanovic. Just look at the full play to really appreciate the athleticism and iq of this guy.
He is possibly the only player who I see doing these effortlessly on a consistent basis. In transition, he finds guys for the layup, or the three like in this situation right here.
Then you have him in half court setup whipping the pass to the cutting Bogdanovic.
And finally his specialty: The penetration and the slingshot all the way to the corner where the shooter which is usually either Royce O’Neale or Bojan Bogdanovic are waiting ready to knock it down from downtown.
I mean look at this pass: In traffic midway through a eurostep, underhanded pass knifing through the entire defense.
It’s no wonder why the Jazz are killing it lately. At the moment Utah are rolling on a 10 game winning streak. They are without a doubt the hottest and most dangerous team in the league right now. After completely destroying the Dallas Mavericks last night- leading by 20 points throughout the entire game, Utah is now 14-4 which is the best record not only in the West but the entire league. Who could have predicted this type of start for the Jazz?
You may have seen the moment where Shaq had this awkward interview with Spida, and unnecessarily provoked him and the team.
Well, yeah, this is what happens when you poke the bear. 10 wins in a row.
They are currently leading the entire league in 3 pointers made per game, while being second in percentage from downtown. At almost 40%. So you know that’s a deadly combination.
And as you can probably see, a lot of that comes from just being wide open and getting the assist at the right time.
What’s really interesting is that of course Mitchell is the leading scorer on this team, but right behind him isn’t Rudy or Bogdanovic or any of the usual suspects. But rather Jordan Clarkson believe it or not who actually comes off the bench.
I’ve always liked the energy that he plays with and the downhill style of play when going to the basket, but this year he’s taking it to another level with a career high so far of 17 points, and he’s definitely making a statement as an early sixth man of the year candidate.
Another thing that’s also going for Utah is the fact that Conley is playing for them first and foremost, and 2 playing quite a bit better than last season when he really struggled to adjust to the new team.
At the end, since you probably know that Donovan is one of my favorite players I gotta remind you of this masterpiece that came 2 seasons ago. He chases a pass from Rubio and jumps out of bounds to save it while also simultaneously finding Jae Crowder in the corner.
This is one of the rare plays that hypes me up as much as a dunk to be honest.
Anyways, shoutout to the Jazz for their hot start, and to Donovan for these amazing highlights. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.