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What if I told you that there’s an NBA player that only shoots floaters. And he’s killing the opponents with it. Introducing Immanuel Quickley from the New York Knicks.
Let me show you why this dude is quickly becoming a Knicks fan favorite.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Guys check out this staggering statistic. Since ya boi had nothing better to do with his life, I went ahead and counted the floaters. Out of 77 made field goals so far this season, 34 are floaters.
I have never seen this type of ratio. That’s almost half of his total baskets.
Quickley is so natural with it to the point where he can hit them while running full speed like he does here, or fading to the side as you can see. And look at this:
He has his hands set to shoot a regular jumpshot, but at the last second he moves the left hand away just to be able to flick this.
Remember how the story with James Harden and the Rockets was only 3s and layups?
Well Quickley is shooting only 3s and floaters which is kinda funny to me.
I do like the way he gets to a position to shoot the floater in pick and roll situations.
As you can see right here, Immanuel does a great job of keeping his defender on his back, and then surveying the floor and seeing the opportunity, getting to his spot, and of course the shot.
At the moment Quickley is third among rookies in scoring with 12 and a half points per game, right behind Lamelo Ball and Anthony Edwards.
But the thing is that the Knicks guard is getting those points while having far less minutes on the court compared to the other guys on this list.
You know Tom Thibodeau has been notorious for this throughout his career. Not really liking to play younger guys and develop them, but rather trying to win with his veterans.
But even with the limited playing time, Quickley is able to leave an imprint on the games and is gaining the respect of even some of the best players in the league.
After the game against the Clippers, Paul George had a lot of positive comments about him.
And that’s one thing that everybody agrees on. Quickley is fearless. He is always in attack mode and not afraid of anyone. That provides a great spark for the Knicks offensively.
And speaking of the Knicks, after a surprisingly strong start, right now they are in the play-in tournament zone, close to a number 6 seed, but close to being 13 as well.
So as a long time suffering New York fan myself, I am glad that I can at least make a positive video about a young and promising player.
To all the young guys out there, practice your floater because as you can see, it can be a deadly weapon in your arsenal. And I’m gonna go do that right now. Subscribe and help ya boi get to 500 thousand we’re so close. Peace out.

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    Man on the MoonMan on the MoonPrije 23 dana
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      Stefanos TsaklasStefanos TsaklasPrije 21 dan
    • @Heat Check actually i dont see it either. like i dont even think its close. just cause someone has the same beard style as someone else now it means they look alike? guess what i look like johnny depp when he was 25 cause i have the same beard

      Daniele EspositoDaniele EspositoPrije 22 dana
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      John the RealJohn the RealPrije 23 dana
    • lmaooo I still can't believe how I can't see it but yall keep saying this- it's hilarious 😂😂😂

      Heat CheckHeat CheckPrije 23 dana
  • He does floaters because how many centers and defenders actually expect him to do it? I know now it’s expected but when he started, not many players expected it

    Bayley MoninBayley MoninPrije dan
  • You should do a video about Richaun Holmes. He only does push shots

    Macky John NoelMacky John NoelPrije 2 dana
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  • “Thats a bad shot” - Paul George

    Tyler BrunsTyler BrunsPrije 12 dana
  • Lol only floaters?? Whos game are you watching? His float game is god like... But his catch and shoot is butter too.

    anthony torresanthony torresPrije 13 dana
  • I have a friend who has been only shooting floaters since we were 15 and it’s annoying now he does it from three

    yung darrionyung darrionPrije 13 dana
  • Tyrese Maxey (76ers rookie) is also very high on floaters

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  • I’m not feeling well today but this comment section right here boy is floating my spirits 🤣 thanks guy, keep it coming.

    EEPrije 14 dana
  • He’s such a steal

  • Wow I’m such a massive fan of your channel and never could’ve predicted u would be a knicks fan just like me and yes we did get by far the biggest steal in the draft and we defo ain’t the laughing stock of the league anymore also last thing don’t be surprised if we make the playoffs and get a superstar to come here within the next year jus sayin. #Knickstape 🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙

    FarisdabeastFarisdabeastPrije 14 dana
  • Give you another new content, talk about lamelo floater too

    Spicy LifeSpicy LifePrije 15 dana
  • The floater is the most unstoppable shot in basketball. I don’t know why PG don’t use it all the time.

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  • Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

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  • His name is IQ. He intelligently decided to perfect an innately difficult to contend shot making his baseline value automatically high. High IQ.

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  • Someone get his floaters per 36 minutes stats

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  • His playing style almost like LOU WILLIAMS

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  • You posed a question that you didn't answer. So why is he mainly shooting floaters? This isn't analysis. This is barely more than color commentary

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  • Imagine what he'll become being mentored by D Rose 🌹...

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  • Their is a guy here in the philippines... He’s lethal in doing that thing that’s why they give them a nickname CAPTAIN HOOK. Try to watch his prime days in the PBA his name is mac mac cardona

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  • College teammate Tyrese Maxey with the sixers does lots of floaters too. Quickley is really effective in it.

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  • Floaters have soft bounce which equates to more probability of the ball going in. Also, it is easier against taller defenders.

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  • Dude is gonna make D🌹 feel young again while mentoring him now I can’t wait to see it 🧿🤞🏼

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  • If I'm Quickley I'm training with Tony Parker in the off season.

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  • Bro then Derrick rose come and take all the mins from him. Traded 3 days after this vid. This can be good and bad, d rose can be a good mentor to him tho. Tom tib may be messing up here tho.

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  • I’m a Knicks fan and he is awesome

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  • Hall of fame Tear Dropper.

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  • Thanks for putting me on to this dude! I would’ve never known of him otherwise since I don’t follow the knicks. Gonna keep my eye out for this rook!

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  • I Love your videos Bro. Can you breakdown the defense of Alex Caruso? How he impact the game. Thanks

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  • In the Philippines, particularly in PBA. There are players whp are frequently using the floater. (Mark Caguiao, James Yap, Peter June Simon, Mark Barroca, and Mac Cardona) Floater is an efficient way to shoot and to score:)

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  • It's a tactic he developed so his shot doesn't get blocked by centres. Floaters may mean he won't be able to draw offensive fouls since he's taking mid range floaters

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  • You'd think he'd take one more step for layup or a step back for a mid range shot but he's catching people off-guard by taking floaters in between close and mid range. Man's underrated for a 25th pick.

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