THIS IS WHY Damian Lillard is The CLUTCHEST Player In The NBA

22. Vel 2021.
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Against the Pelicans in the clutch, Damian Lillard completely took over. First he gets a double high screen, decides to attack the slower Hernangomez, the quick stutter step and the stop on a dime before knocking down the three.
The very next possession, on the handoff, once again goes at the big man, and easily blows by, and, look how cool and calm Dame is as he casually eurosteps around Zion for the layup.
Which sets up the final play. Down by 1, Lillard explodes past Lonzo, to the rim, takes the contact and finishes with the and 1. Of course converting the free throw as well.
He basically single handedly won the game for Portland and has been doing it throughout the entire season so far.
And there are some mind blowing stats that show you that Lillard has been the most clutch player in the NBA this season. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Damian is leading the league in points in the clutch. But the most mind blowing statistic is the fact that dude is shooting 61.5% from the field and 59% from three in those situations. What?!
When the defense is most locked, when it’s most difficult to score, and btw with the pressure being the highest, Lillard is actually playing the best which is crazy.
And talking about pressure, it’s well known that even good shooters tend to miss more free throws with the game on the line. Well Dame is 24 out of 24 from the line in the clutch.
Talk about being ice cold.
Oh and btw, when the defense collapses on him, he finds the open man and is number 3 in the league in assists in the clutch.
In 16 close games that Portland played this season, they are 12-4 which is an amazing record.
Especially knowing that throughout most of these heroic performances by their superstar, the Blazers have been without both CJ Mccollum, and Jusuf Nurkic, which make all of these numbers that I went through, even more special.
Look, I know that both Gary Trent Jr, and Anfernee Simmons are giving this team some great production in the absence of 2 of their stars.
I also commend Carmelo Anthony for being productive at 36 years of age.
But as you look at some of these clips in crunch time, you know who is THE threat on this team, and how the entire defense is focused on stopping Lillard. And besides all of that, Dame is 61 and half from the field, and 59% from three, leading the league in points during crunch time. Incredible.
Lillard is literally holding this team with duct tape, and willing them into playoff contention.
At 18-11 Portland is firmly in 5th place in a killer western conference. And the return of his star teammates is getting closer and closer, so things should only get better.
And in my opinion- I know this is virtually impossible but if the Blazers can somehow get to the number 3 seed in the west, then Dame should automatically be the MVP of this season for what he’s done holding down this injury riddled roster. He’s been that great this season.
And at the end, here’s another thing for you. I saw this graphic that since 2013 Lillard has the most game tying or go ahead baskets at the end of games.
So digging deeper, I found an awesome thread on twitter displaying Damian’s most clutch shots against every team in the league. Shoutout to Thomas for putting this together.
So I’ll sign off and let you enjoy that. Subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

  • Damian Lillard should be inducted into the Harlem Globe Trotter Hall of Fame!

    Apoc MorrowApoc MorrowPrije 23 dana
  • Haha... you need to make a Dame vs. the Pelicans TAKE TWO video!

    Apoc MorrowApoc MorrowPrije 23 dana
  • 50 points 15 points in the last five minutes btw they came back from 17 points in the last 5 minutes

    Jack BJack BPrije 23 dana
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  • Sad that he's wasting his career in Portland

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  • Dame time and mamba mentality is the same

    Patrick StarfishPatrick StarfishPrije mjesec
  • Then why is he still not doubled like Curry or Harden though??

    jorge javierjorge javierPrije mjesec
    • he is doubled all the time wym.

      Jack BJack BPrije mjesec
  • He is clutch but most of his playoff performances have been mediocre. He's had many 4th quarter playoff games where he barely shoots 30% from the field. And not to mention getting swept many times

    S HS HPrije mjesec
    • wait when was dame the entire team????????

      Jack BJack BPrije mjesec
  • look at steph's son man, so inspirational

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  • How many rings? Ahem ahem...

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  • And people still argue he isn't a superstar.. smh

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  • Those boxing lessons are paying off for him

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  • And he's shooting form and release is underrated and unheard of. Take a look at it guys

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  • Clutch are those players who hit a title winning shot not in season or elimination rounds. 👍

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  • Blazers best decision was letting go of luigi hezonja

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  • Dam we need this brotha to get some support, he ain’t ever gonna get that well deserved mvp. We all know he’s the best player in the league he just can’t get that trophy until he’s at MINIMUM a 6 seed.

    RizzyRizzyPrije mjesec
  • Lillard and Curry should unite one day

    Playing SeriousPlaying SeriousPrije mjesec
  • I stop my subscription to NBA..watching it now is boring and uninteresting..they focus more on 3 pts shot...hundreds per game..which is sickening...less focus on defense n isolation plays..not like the times of bird, laimbeer, mahorn etc. Where its very its like watching a women's game...

    Ricky BoyRicky BoyPrije mjesec
  • Damian Lillard has the best FT percentage, with 95 percent

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  • 4:27 is that julian newman?

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    • no no no he is wayyyyy smaller

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  • i believe that embid is winning the mvp this year but in case of an injury or something its between lebron and dame for me

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  • Lillard on George is the Iconic one

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  • i feel bad for his teamates they may run out of celebration emotions real quick xd

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  • How can you be the clutchest player when you've been to the Conference Finals only once and got swept? Stop it with this Lillard overhype?

    EagleofHeavyMetalEagleofHeavyMetalPrije mjesec
    • @ANIME JAKE You see... that's the issue I have with Lillard fans. While your premise is absolutely on point, I beg to differ on the subject matter which is Lillard is a great player. I think he is a very good player. Not a tick above it. But that's just my opinion. Yes bad coaching can hinder players. But Terry Stotts is not that bad of a coach as you made him out to be. Is he at the same calibre of Kerr? No. But neither are many coaches who have beaten Kerr over the years. Is Tye Lue on the same level as Kerr? Not even close. Yet he stopped my Warriors from the ultimate achievement by coming back from 3-1 and winning the championship. Yes he had Lebron, Kyrie and KD, but our team was well assembled and well coached. Great players can overcome mediocre coaching. That's just how it is! Pat Riley, Phil Jackson have horrible records when coaching mediocre talent. But they get one or two great players and a comparable help and they have done wonders. In basketball, unlike other sports, a great player can cover the cracks of mediocre help and mediocre coaching. A good player can't. And Lillard is the mark of a good player.

      EagleofHeavyMetalEagleofHeavyMetalPrije mjesec
    • Stef is a great player with a great coach Dame is a great player with a mediocre coach. His record in the playoffs is a reflection of his coach. Stef went from early playoff exits under Marc Jackson to NBA champs under Steve Kerr. Lillard's coach is the only thing holding the Blazers back. Kind of like how Dwayne Casey was holding the Raptors back.

      ANIME JAKEANIME JAKEPrije mjesec
  • I reckon Steph Curry is better than Dame but people act like they worlds apart. Steph Curry is the GOAT pg, I'd put Dame top 6 all time. He's one of the best clutch performers, he just needs a strong team to push deep in the playoffs. He deserves atleast 1 ring man.

    Arexis GhastlyArexis GhastlyPrije mjesec
  • I could watch that show shot over PG13 endlessly. Dame *knew* it was going in.

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  • Without even watching the vid I can tell you one thing: Curry is wayyy more clutch than Dame (obviously without any disrespect to the man who knocked off 2 teams with buzzer beaters)

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  • This video describes “Heat Check

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  • Down by 1 with 8 seconds on the clock. I trust Dame to take the shot and win the game

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  • "These are all bad shot" - PG13%

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    • Paul George called it a "bad shot," but all he could do in the end, was tip his cap at Damian Lillard after he hit a 37-foot game-winner. "That story won't be told that it was a bad shot. We live ...

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  • Best clutch player.. but something has to be said for not making it a close game in the first place

    Dimitri MercierDimitri MercierPrije mjesec
  • The number of field goals made in the clutch since 2013 shows just how misleading "clutch" can be. Dame has been the most clutch player in the league for years according to this stat, but the second on this list being Westbrook means it only tells who took the most shots during this period. Also regular season clutch is kind of meaningless when the player isn't as good in the playoffs. Lillard seems to have improved on that, but since 2013 he has had way more underperformances in the playoffs than clutch ones.

    Thomas LequesneThomas LequesnePrije mjesec
  • Dame is one of the cold blooded player in the nba history, also so humble and doesn't complane on the team.

    Justine AspectoJustine AspectoPrije mjesec
  • Hey man. I love your videos. I watch them evetytime you post. I was wondering if you could do a video of players helping up their opponents after a fall. You knowblike good sportsmanship type. Ive been searching and they aren't any good recent ones.

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  • Yet he was robbed of another all star starters position because of fan vote.

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  • Do you have stats of player with the most blow out win and in that wins he’s the top scorer , most winning percentage also , I like more the player that will have a big lead win so he don’t need to be clutch during crunch time , coz he played so well he always have comfortable lead

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  • He is the second clutchest player only behind Lebron

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  • In my opinion dame is clutch player but that doest not change the fact that Curry is better than him, just my opinion, wonderful videos my support for you📈📈📈

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  • I hope you see this. Love all the uploads. Nothing better than coming home late from work to a notification from you while I can't watch the games at work. You do a great job and break down the game MUCH butter than any televized videos. As always, made my night

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  • As a Dame and Blazers fan I have to thank you for showing these kids how god damn good and clutch he is

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  • One of the Clutchgods in NBA History!

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  • We play so much more consistent without CJ

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  • And other player pass in the clutch and people consider him as clutch🤦

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