Trae Young EMBARRASSES Kyrie Irving & Becomes A SUPERSTAR

31. Pro 2020.
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Trae Young completely loses Kyrie here with the behind the back into a snatchback and as you can see, they’re both going in different directions here.
Irving continues to chase him tho, and at this moment you can see that Trae is triple teamed.
But he doesn’t panic, takes his time, and goes all the way to the basket for the layup.
Similar thing happened against the Grizzlies when Trae blew by and left Ja Morant in the dust, and then told him that he’s too little to guard him.
So let me break down exactly why Young is taking the next step and becoming a legit NBA superstar, and will hopefully lead Atlanta to the playoffs this year.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
First things first, there is 1 noticeable difference in his game. The aggressiveness.
Instead of settling for tough and long three pointers, which are great when they go in but more often than not are just bad shots to take, this year Young is focusing on getting to the basket as you can see from his shooting chart so far.
Last season he attempted 9.5 threes at 36% so this year he’s keeping his efficiency on a similar level but attempting under 6.
Now he’s accepting the contact, and going to the line at a crazy high rate.
The Atlanta guard is leading the league so far in both makes and attempts from the free throw line.
14 of his 33 points per game come off of foul shots and I love the idea. When you’re 90% shooter from 1 spot, might as well try to get there more times. Even James Harden who’s notorious for getting fouls can be jealous at these numbers.
So let me break down some of the ways that he punishes the defense with style, and got Atlanta to a 3-1 start.
Back to the video. When Trae is on the court he is a triple threat for teams.
First, he can blow by anyone in the blink of an eye and go straight to the rim for a layup. You saw what he did to Ja at the beginning of this video. And Morant himself is a blazing fast guy.
I don’t know if this is a decoy play, or Young just calls his own number as soon as he sees space inside, but as you can see, here is the double screen for the corner guy to come out, and naturally the attention is shifted there. But then he puts on the jets, and just flies to the rim for a layup.
Again, you can see the same setup here, but the speed is what allows him to get easy points like this.
The secondary weapon is Trae’s floater package which is becoming the best in the league. Look at that soft touch that allows him to go deep inside and finish over much taller defenders.
After breaking down his guy on the perimeter, he is great at slowing down and getting a nice rhythm to this floater. And honestly seeing how good he is with this and how natural that release is, I don’t see any reason not to continue with it and get his 3 point shots even lower and being even more selective with the attempts from downtown.
And possibly the most underrated aspect of his game. The court vision. Taking that to a whole new level this season.
Right here blows by his man, the help comes, triple teamed at this moment, and flips it up for the alley oop.
And the crosscourt passes are just beautiful. In traffic, off the dribble sees Bogdanovic on the other end of the court, and delivers a pass on target for the 3. Amazing.
And he’s got a bunch of those. Great vision and great passing ability.
Against the Nets, he keeps the ball, fakes the pass fooling even his own teammate and eventually finds the open shooter for a clutch 3.
Check out how slow he moves here. Taking his time and being patient. Both with the pass and he does that as well when finishing. When a player learns that he doesn’t have to go 100 miles an hour all the time and understands the speed of the game, I feel like that’s when he takes the next step, so this is exactly why I’m so excited for Trae.
To me this is a perfect timing for the Hawks. Young is naturally progressing and getting better while Atlanta decided to spend some money and build the team around him. The additions really complement his game and provide some much needed help so that the defense cannot focus solely on him. And I think it really shows in this early part of the season.
We’ll see what happens the rest of the way but I would love to see this young and exciting team in the playoffs this year.
So there you have it. The last video for 2020. I wish you a happy new year and hopefully things get better in 2021. stay healthy and be happy that’s what matters the most.
You know how you gotta end it on a make right? So i'm taking this one to the basket. Talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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