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After going 6/16 against the Warriors and losing the game, Lebron came out ready to dominate this primetime matchup.
And look at where he shoots this one from. The dagger to seal the win with his 6th three on the night. Amazing performance. When he’s got it going like this there’s not much you can do about it, but I still want to discuss some things I saw in this game. Both from the Lakers, and the Bucks. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
The rule of thumb when guarding him is that if you have to give up something, make that be the 3. But as you can see in this game- going under the screen proved to be costly for the Bucks.
So then that opens up situations like this one. Jrue Holiday overplays him, and James takes off on the give and go, the help defender right here is Donte Divincenzo who is absolutely powerless here and the king gets the easy layup here.
A similar situation happened in the first half as well, with Holiday trying to help Giannis with AD.
Lebron picks the perfect timing when his defender turns his head and flies to the rim. Beautiful bounce pass from Davis and the throwdown.
Now why did the defensive player of the year, and a freak athlete like Antetokounmpo need help, I’m not sure but we’ll get back to that in a second.
Let me first show you how Lebron continues to reinvent himself year after year, and now he’s gotten to a point where he is automatic with this turnaround jumper.
Look at how easy this looks to be for him, but at the same time it’s completely unguardable.
All in all 34, 6 and 8 a great all around game for James.
Now let’s move to the Bucks side of things. I rarely say this, but while watching this one- even tho it was kinda close in terms of the result, I never had a feeling like Milwaukee could win.
In this matchup against the Lakers they seem to be 1 big time player short.
As you saw Giannis wasn’t on Lebron for the majority of the game- rather on AD. But then look at how easy Davis gets to his spots and is able to score against him. That’s why I mentioned the play earlier where Jrue needed to help him out which opened up the lane for Lebron.
And I know having a role player like KCP going 7 of 10 from downtown, again 7 of 10- shoutout to KCP for the phenomenal shooting. I know that this is a huge difference maker, but again I didn’t see anyone on Milwaukee’s roster except Holiday, who really came ready to play and was up to the task. Both Giannis and Middleton needed to be way more aggressive in my opinion in order to give this roster even a chance to win against the stacked lineup of the Lakers.
However speaking of Jrue- one of my favorite players in the league honestly, look at how easy he gets to the rim by backing down his opponent. It’s crazy how much bigger he plays than his size. Right here he overpowers the much bigger Markieef Morris. And he is even comfortable to bump with a big man like Montrezl Harrell.
Look at the poise and the slowdown tempo when going to the basket. It’s rare that you see this type of confidence when driving to the basket.
Dude even put Lebron on skates with this move before knocking down the jumper in his face.
I was adamant that this is what the Bucks needed to take the next step, but maaan, at the same time, it’s either not enough or the main guys like Middleton and Giannis need to step up a bit more. Milwaukee have some things to sort out if they want to be legitimate contenders this year. It’s early in the season so they still have time to do it. That’s it for now. Subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

  • "If you have to give up something, make that be a 3" Well that worked till he came back to Cavs and developed an elite jumpshot which allows him to green half court shots as a Laker right now

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    • @Ania T. Thanks Ania for the kind words, I try my best.

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