GENIUS Game Winning Play EXPOSED! *Sneaky NBA Plays*

2. Vel 2021.
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Check out this sneaky play from the Blazers. Harry Giles gets the ball up top, and Gary Trent Jr, comes for what looks like a handoff, or a screen. But then suddenly he stops on a dime and screens for Anfernee Simmons instead. Without Jrue Holiday on him, Simmons is free on the handoff, Giles is there to protect just in case, the easy three point shot and the splash.
Last night we saw a few of these simple but very effective sneaky NBA plays. So let me show them to you. What up everybody, my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
The Bulls are going to set up a double screen for Zach Lavine high up on the perimeter.
And since he’s such a threat with his speed, his main defender is fighting hard to go through the screens, but also we got the help right here ready since the on ball defender is trailing.
So now at first this looks like it flows into a screen for a 3 point shot right here, but it’s actually a decoy. Thadeus Young engages the defender to try and get out to the 3 point line, while at the same time he will cut to the basket, the pass goes here for a better angle and you can see how open Young is here and the easy dunk. Perfect execution.
Beautiful setup right here from the Hornets. Lamelo brings it up the court, and will receive a screen right here from P.J. Washington. While the Heat are trapping Lamelo, Washington curls, and screens for Hayward who comes up top and is open for the shot. Gordon has all the time in the world to shoot it and it goes in.
This action of course was initially designed to get a switch right here on the screen, so then PJ would get a screen himself from Zeller, and the action would continue the same way, but you know even tho Miami made it tougher for the passer, ultimately this action was executed a bit easier than expected for Charlotte.
The Heat responded however with a little decoy of their own. And this is a great angle to see that.
Dragic has it at the logo, and Max Strus is going to set a screen for a lefty drive. However look at this quick change of direction. Sprints to the opposite side, Lamelo is already committed to the switch and Caleb Martin right here cannot see what’s going on, so he’s late already.
Bam comes out for the screen, Dragic finds Strus the shot is up, and in.
When you have a guy like Doncic, every move he makes is dangerous, and he can provide a lot of easy baskets for his teammates just by his presence on the floor.
Right here he’s at the free throw line, and will just set the simplest back screen for Porzingis.
Mykail Bridges is glued to Luka, so Porzingis has the entire lane for himself.
Goes inside, gets the pass from Kleber and the easiest finish in the world, just like a training drill. Check it out once again, simple yet effective.
And finally, the game winning play for Phoenix. The set it up so that it looks like a decoy on this side, while at the same time, CP3 gets a switch to play against the slower Kleber.
And the Mavs thought so as they watched Chris Paul in the corner against Maxi.
But there was one more screen to be had. Ayton nudges Richardson just enough so that Booker can have just enough time to get to the ball and fire off a three for the win. Bang. The Phoenix Suns win on the last second shot by Devin Booker.
I always have a lot of fun making these videos, so hopefully you enjoyed watching. That’s it for now. Subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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  • To be honest kleber did a really got job defending cp3 in the last clip he stayed on front of him so cp3 wasn't able to shoot but brilliant play from the sun's to go to booker

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  • These are some of my favorite videos. I would just like to recommend one thing. I've noticed that every play you include in all those videos ends up with a bucket and, while one could argue that if a play doesn't finish as two or three points it's not good enough to be included, some genius plays end up with the shooter missing. That being said, I think that you could analyse plays that result to misses if they are so well-designed. Still great videos tho, keep up the good work.

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