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Butler drives, turns around fades, shoots...bang.
When the game slows down, when the defense gets tough and you need a bucket, a reliable midrange shot will do a lot for you.
But I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find out that with 0.9 makes per game from midrange last season, at only 31%, he’s nowhere near the top of this list.
To get to the cream of the crop I set the following parameters: The players with the most makes from this area, shooting at least 45%.
Can you guess who the top 5 midrange killers are? Let’s find out and break down how they get those buckets.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Let’s start off with an honorable mention: Lamarcus Aldridge has the lowest percentage in this group, just a hair under 45% but the most makes per game. So we gotta include him here.
He loves posting up on the left block, and from there it’s a turnaround fadeaway that is almost unguardable. As you can see many of these are heavily contested but that doesn’t bother Lamarcus at all as he’s been doing this throughout his entire career.
Another thing he’s deadly at is this top of the key pick and pop action. So if the opposing big man is late coming out, this is an automatic bucket.
Moving on to the official top 5. And we have his teammate here. Demar Derozan.
The way he moves is just beautiful to me honestly. He can shoot a picture perfect fadeaway and splash it, also he can pull up off the dribble as you can see right here. And Derozan is also one of the guys who use the stepback, or even the newer version the side step before the shot. Man, I love his game. Fun fact-the dude shot a career high 53.1% from the field, by picking his spots and being extremely efficient with his shot. People completely forgot about him.
Number 4. Devin Booker is a sniper. The fact that almost all of his shots are heavily contested and he’s double and triple teamed all the time as the only dangerous guy in Phoenix, makes these points that much more valuable. That’s why I’m very excited for the arrival of Chris Paul to this team. I feel like it will allow Booker that much more room for improvement both in terms of spacing and from what he’ll learn from the point god himself.
Coming off of a dribble handoff Cj McCollum is unstoppable. He moves great both with and without the ball. Always among the players with the most distance ran per game. And combined with this silky smooth jumper at 49% he’s completely deserving of this top 3 spot in the midrange area. But don’t get it twisted, the guy has handles as well and is deadly on the dribble pull up as well as you can see right here.
Top 2 baby. Did you forget about Khris Middleton? One of the only 2 players who shot over 50% from midrange. He loves the elbow area right here, but is effective from everywhere really. What I really like about him is the fact that he never wastes any dribbles but instead knows exactly what he’s gonna do and where he wants to go so he’s extremely efficient with his movement.
I love these types of players.
And finally number 1. I know some of you knew already. Non other than CP3. At 35 years of age, Chris Paul shot a phenomenal 54% from midrange. You know his classic move where he snakes the pick and roll, gets right here and knocks down the jumper.
He knows all the spots, all the tricks, and has been the king of the midrange throughout his entire career. But to see him still performing at the highest level is incredible.
I’m extremely excited to see him paired with Devin Booker next season and the danger that this duo will present game after game.
So there you have it. Kawhi’s 43% and Beal 41% didn’t make the list but I know those were your usual suspects as well. Let me know how many you got correct. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.