How Giannis TORTURED Himself For Missing Free Throws

24. Pro 2020.
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Giannis misses the game tying free throw and all of a sudden he’s the topic of all talk shows.
This is not worth the supermax, and he should work more on his shot and the pressure got to him...all of that nonsense.
Let me tell you the real story behind this, and how Giannis has been practicing free throws with his method of torturing himself.
What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
As soon as you see Antetokounmpo’s shooting mechanics, you’ll guess that he’s not the greatest shooter even if this is your first time watching him. So it’s no surprise that he is a career 72.2% free throw shooter. Extremely low for a player of his caliber.
So it’s simple, why doesn’t he practice it more? Hah, listen.
Do you think that you can transform this lanky body into a terminator by just doing nothing?
Do you think that you can get back to back MVPs by not going all out trying to improve?
The Greek Freak has a maniacal work ethic and desire to win.
And that is true when it comes to practicing free throws as well. So check out what goes on when nobody is watching.
In an article by ESPN’s Malika Andrews- the lovely Malika Andrews she explains the tourture that Giannis put himself through during his borderline psychotic offseason training sessions.
He would push his body to the extreme limit, through all the drills, the entire practice, plus some extra cardio, all of that in order to really feel drained, and simulate the ending of a game as close as possible. Giannis would then go to the line to shoot just 2 free throws.
And after the fatigue element, we now get to the pressure aspect of it.
If you’ve trained basketball, at a certain point I’m sure you’ve ran some sprints as a punishment for missing free throws.
Well, Antetokounmpo goes a step beyond that. If he misses- he gets to watch his trainers run sprints for him. Paying the price for his mistakes. Again, simulating the real game, he feels the pressure of letting his teammates down, so every practice, every effort to get better is not only for him, but for the team as well. That’s the type of a person that he is.
Malika also mentions a training session where Giannis’s wife Mariah was watching him. Along with their son. So, that day she was the potential victim in the case of a missed free throw. Those were the rules that day. The rules that Antetokounmpo had set.
And it really happened. After Giannis bricked one, Mariah ran sprints with little Liam in her arms.
I know exactly what he’s going for with this. I can punish myself all I want and I’ll be able to take it, but when the ones that are close to me are involved- the stakes and the pressure are that much higher.
So then, what exactly is the point of this video? He drained himself and shot under pressure in training, watched others run for him and ultimately when it mattered he still missed it. The narrative doesn’t fit.
Honestly my point is that I don’t necessarily define winners and losers only by wins and losses.
I love the hunger that he has and the desire to get better and better after 2 consecutive MVPs.
What he lacks in God given ability to shoot, Giannis tries to make it up with his maniacal work ethic and borderline psychotic methods of training. All in the neverending hunt to be the best he can. That’s why him and CP3 immediately comes to mind, Championship or no championship, those guys to me are winners.
And on that topic, for my outro today, if I miss this, I don’t have a place to run here, but I’ll drop down for 10 push ups. Subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

  • he needs to adjust in the weightroom so he can work on his shooting form. dwight howard had/has similar shooting mechanic issues as when you build your upper body up so much it restricts movement. I know he needs strength to be able to play the way he does but it's ultimately unsustainable for the duration of his career. He'd be doing himself a favour long term by really developing muscle memory and improving shooting mechanics for when the time comes that his athleticism drops off.

    Chris WorlandChris WorlandPrije 16 dana
  • Just practice shooting free throws then. 1k a day should fix it

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  • He used to be average at shooting but somehow just became really bad by removing his dip.

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